What to Expect

In our first lesson I will ask questions regarding your background, vocal history, voice type and range, vocal issues, and goals.

Lessons then typically observe the following format:

  1. A verbal assessment of your practice over the week
  2. Vocal warm up
  3. Technical workout to encourage muscular development, to promote agility and to increase vocal range
  4. Address repertoire through a technical lens, systematically approaching vocal challenges and achieving freedom and clarity of sound

If you are preparing for an audition, performance will be developed with acting-through-song and audition etiquette in mind.

Singing lessons typically address breath management, alignment and posture issues, tongue or jaw tension, articulation and clarity, onsets/offsets, style, and audition technique. Honouring your learning style is of utmost importance as we approach the work in a visual, kinaesthetic, or aural manner. Gesture and physicality are used to reinforce technical concepts while anatomical pictures and physiological descriptions cement your understanding of your singing instrument.

What to bring to a lesson

Students are expected to come prepared to all lessons, bringing appropriate items such as:

  • Two copies of sheet music, organised in plastic folders or taped together
  • Recording device (e.g. phone)
  • If auditioning, audition sheet music cuts (with backing tracks if provided by auditioner) and the brief

Voice lessons are an opportunity to work with an expert on your technique. The most significant amount of time you commit to your singing is in individual practice, therefore critically reflecting on elements of your technical process is imperative for growth. Bringing those reflections and queries to voice lessons shows me, the teacher, what you have been focussing on and what requires attention.

Fees / Location

Fees are AU$100 per hour and lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots to accommodate varying stages of development.

Lessons are conducted in Fitzroy, VIC or via Skype.